Beneath your wild and thorny ego lives an Eloquent Soul. The part of you that is pure, unfettered, and yearning to express your greatest gifts. I am dedicated to gently nudging aside what has grown over your sweet heart and bringing that person into the world.

I decode the challenging patterns you were born with, that are printed on your hands and in your fingerprints, and give you the tools to grow out of those patterns.

Self-exploration is really about learning to recognize patterns in our lives. Just like our fingerprints have unique patterns we all have unique repetitive ways that we move through our relationships, work, and mind.

Have you ever had the thought – I can’t believe this is happening to me again?

Of course you have my little human!

What led up to that thought was an unrecognized pattern that recreated a painfully familiar scenario like:

  • Getting into a relationship with someone who doesn’t listen to you.
  • Working at a job with an abusive unappreciative boss.
  • Feeling betrayed by a friend.
  • Knowing without doubt that you are no good, un-loveable, and generally worthless.

All of these patterns can change, by the way, and that is what I do here at The Eloquent Soul.

My mission is to facilitate how to:

  • Know Yourself
  • Stretch Your Soul
  • Claim Delight

There are many ways to Know Yourself, and when I find a good one I like to share it, the tool I have used consistently to help people know themselves is Hand Analysis.

Since 2001 I have been reading peoples hands, teaching classes on Hand Analysis and speaking to groups on the topic. Amazing insights into how you are designed are revealed from the lines in your palm and your fingerprints.

When you commit to understanding what your unique patterns are and how to work with them instead of putting on blinders and hoping everything will get better on its own – your soul starts to stir. And when your soul stirs everything in your life gets richer.

Relationships strengthen and become deeply satisfying.

Right work moves toward you with speed and determination.

Joy becomes a comfortable companion.

But knowing yourself isn’t enough. We have to Stretch our Souls if we want lasting change.

In grade school I memorized my multiplication tables. I could easily tell you that 6 x 7 = 42, and then I finished my schooling and went out into the world with a calculator in my hand. I stopped actively using what I had learned and today I can hardly remember any of my basic math skills.

Seriously I had to use the calculator to figure out 6 x 7.

If we don’t embody the knowledge we learn about ourselves- we become stagnant. We forget who we are. If we don’t try things that make us uncomfortable we get stuck in old ego patterns. If we are stuck in old ego patterns we will relive the same painful scenarios until death do us part.


Perhaps. But how dramatic can some of those scenarios feel when you are in the middle of them and believe nothing will ever change?

Hand Analysis is full of tools to help you establish new ways of being, tools that teach you to recognize and catch a pattern when it is starting as well as how to choose a different way of interacting with yourself.

I also explore ways to Stretch Your Soul in my blog, which you can subscribe to here.

And lastly I am committed to Claiming Delight in my own life and offering you some delightful tidbits as well. Life is really funny and I believe we all need to laugh at least 27 more times a day than we typically do.

There are delights hidden in this very site that you can enjoy if you do a little digging. (Hint: search top to bottom)

I also love to create videos and write blog posts with the goal of delighting you. Of course what I think is funny might not hit everyone’s funny bone the same way but the point is to look for what is delightful in your own life. To start to shift our focus from what is wrong to what delights. The wrong is always going to be there – the delight needs a little attention – sometimes it is shy.

I tally my delights on twitter just so I can remember that something yummy is happening all the time. Or you can join me on facebook where we can discuss delights and all things hands!

I believe that when we focus on Knowing Ourselves, Stretching Our Souls and Claiming Delight we create a space for our Eloquent Souls to inhabit.

One of the definitions of Eloquent is: to movingly express.

I love that!  There are so many ways to do that. Being an Eloquent Soul doesn’t mean you have to be a good speaker or writer – I interpret it as finding your untarnished self and expressing your gifts with that voice. I want to hear what your Soul has to Movingly Express.  I want to help you find that part of yourself.

We, meaning all of us on the planet, need you to be living and expressing at your edge. We need ALL of you not just what is “safe” to show.

We need your Wild-ness!

I’m not saying this is easy but I do think it’s a necessity for our species to thrive. We need your Eloquent Soul. We crave it… I crave it. When we dig down into ourselves who knows what we will find. Could be Gold, could be Worms. I happen to like both. 

Let’s do some exploring together!

Is Hand Analysis a good match for you?

If you are a courageous woman, or a sensitive man, who is ready to have a clear mind, an open heart and an expressed soul – contact me.

I love to work with people who are:

  • Open to new information
  • Willing to really look at themselves
  • Committed to taking action toward their growth
  • Eager to make a contribution to the world
  • Ready to feel, be vulnerable and risk deeper connection

You don’t have to be all of these things just one will do.

Click here if you are ready to schedule a reading!

How do you know if you need a hand reading?

  • You keep coming back to this website.

    You know when something just keeps showing up in your life and you don’t know why? It usually means that “something” would be good for you. That is how I got my acting agent years ago. He had seen me at a workshop with 50 other actors and had my headshot in a pile of other headshots on his desk. Over the next month as he worked through the pile he kept coming to my picture and wasn’t sure what to do it so he just put me back in the pile. Finally after seeing my face enough times he decided to call me for an interview. He ended up signing me and we made a lot of money together. So if you find yourself checking back in here every so often and wondering, “Should I get a reading? I just don’t know.” why not give it a shot? Maybe something really good will happen.

  • You are experiencing a crisis of meaning.

    There are times when it feels like everything is falling apart. You don’t know what you are doing with your life. The things that used to matter don’t anymore. I first came to Hand Analysis in this state. I had wanted to be an actor my entire life, I had even had some success with it, and now it wasn’t feeding my soul the same way. Craving understanding of myself I got a hand reading and then took the Hand Analysis Certification class and that changed the course of my life. It was a hard and disturbing time. If you are feeling this way, I understand. A hand reading can offer clarity about gifts you may not even know you have and start you on a new path to fulfillment. It doesn’t take the “hard” away immediately but it can offer support for the journey ahead.

  • Relationships feel like a haunted house, dark and scary.

    So often one of the things we want most in life is a deep and satisfying intimate relationship and yet it scares the crap out of us! We don’t know how to open our hearts, be vulnerable, and connect authentically. Let’s face it they aren’t teaching how to have great relationships in schools and many people didn’t have good role models for this growing up. So we try and strike out over and over and then close our hearts in defeat. If you think love just isn’t for you, please schedule a reading. You might have a specific set of fingerprints that adds to your fear of relationship or a broken heart line that needs some attention. I am on a mission to help people open up to authentic connection. Meaningful relationships can happen at any age too. One of my friends is 68 and newly in love. Never give up! Never surrender!

  • Your job is so boring, there must be more to life.

    If you fall into this category you are probably doing just fine in most areas of your life but you don’t feel fulfilled by your work. You might know of some things you would rather be doing (painting, writing, helping the homeless) but also know that you need to make money and don’t believe that is possible any other way than at your job. A hand reading might be just what you need to propel you forward either into taking a big risk; one client quit his job at an insurance company and flew to Romania to make a film he had written after his hand reading. Or it might be on a smaller scale like reinvigorating your love of making Japanese pottery and signing up for a class. Even small shifts toward doing what you love can make a big difference in the quality of your life.

  • You are just a curious monkey and like to try new things.

There is not much more to say about this one. Shoot me an email and we will schedule a reading!

Or maybe you fit into one of these groups:

Spiritual Adventurers and Seekers of Truth come forth! If you have had tons of different kinds of readings and are hungry for more information a hand reading is a must.

Skeptics are welcome! I was a huge skeptic. It took me a year from my first hand reading until I started the training program because I needed that time to watch my friends get readings and hear about their experiences. I didn’t know it at the time but I have what are called Cautious Headlines so I tend to move slowly with new things. I am still very careful about who I will let give me a psychic reading or astrological counseling. So you can be skeptical I just ask that you also be open and respectful.

First timers are my favorites! People who have never had a reading of any kind are most cherished. I love to be someone’s first exposure to alternative technologies for growth and understanding. It is a vulnerable thing to open your hands to a stranger and have them tell you things about yourself. Hand Analysis is a sacred art. I take my work very seriously and my priority is to make sure that you have a great experience. Also, I love to laugh so I try to create a nice balance between deep understand and levity.

If you would like to learn more about what can be found in your hands check out the Hand Analysis page here.

If you are thinking, “Okay I need to schedule a reading!” click here.

Why work with me and not some other hand analyst?

Cause you trust me. Really I think that is one of the most important components when opening oneself up to soul exploration. Do you feel comfortable with me? Do you feel a connection to what you have read on my site?

I have the training. I have the years of experience reading hands and helping people move toward satisfying lives but… do you trust me? If the answer is YES, great! Let’s work together!

If you aren’t sure try reading my blog for a while and get a better feel for who I am.

If the answer is, “Hell No, I can’t stand you woman!” thanks for reading this far. I am surprised you hung in there. Are you sure you don’t like me even just a little bit?

More About Me – Meredyth Hunt

I am an explorer of the inner and outer worlds.

On any given day you might find me climbing a tree, creating a ridiculous character for a friend’s birthday party, or conducting a deeply engrossing hand reading. I created The Eloquent Soul to bring all the aspects of myself into one place. The Performer, Hand Analyst, Adventurer, Seeker, Mentor, and Clown.

Originally from Texas I’ve moved around quite a lot in my life from Florida to Seattle and finally Los Angeles. Along the way I’ve also been many things from a ballet dancer to a blogger.

If you would like to know what I have done to make money thus far, here is an abridged list:

Actor – Talk Show Host – Mud Beggar – Waitress – Nanny – Cleaner of Houses – Walker of Dogs – Receptionist – Personal Assistant – Camp Counselor – Hostess at Denny’s – Clown – Ice Cream Scooper Person – Short Order Cook – Singing Telegram Deliverer – Time Share Videographer – Bartender – Old Time Photo Taker  and…

Certified Hand Analyst. I was certified through the International Institute of Hand Analysis in 2001 under the amazing tutelage of Terry-Linn Snider. Everything I know about Hand Analysis I learned from Richard Unger’s brilliant system (he created the Institute) and Terry-Linn. I am deeply grateful for the life changing insights and incredible support she has so generously given me over the years. Click here if you would like to read the full story of how I came to be a Hand Analyst.

I read hands, and teach others how to read hands, with the mission of illuminating a path to consciousness.

And, a little secret about me, as much as I LOVE Hand Analysis and what it has done for my life I believe there are many paths to consciousness. The Enneagram and Astrology have also been extremely helpful in my journey and when used in conjunction with Hand Analysis can be extra mind blowing.

So if you would like to add a little Enneagram mojo to your reading just let me know beforehand and if you would like to work with the extraordinary Astrologer Heidi Robbins click here.

Also, often it is more revealing to read what someone else has written about a person of interest, in this case that would be me, instead of what they have written about themselves so click here for another perspective on who I am.

Practicing Hand Analysis has enriched my life immeasurably but here is the simple answer to the question “Why do I love to read hands?”

When your heart opens, my heart opens.

Click here to schedule a reading my sweet!

P.S. A bit more about me personally – I have an awesome boyfriend Michael (usually referred to as “My Man”) and 3 ultra cool cats.