1. Will having my hands read tell me how long I will live?

Absolutely not! Hand Analysis is not predictive. Having your hands read will not tell you length of life, number of children you will have or any winning lottery numbers either. One of the reasons Palmistry is associated with the age old questions, “When will I die?” and “How many children will I have?” is because hundreds of years ago people typically died much younger than they do now and women often died in childbirth. When people went to a palm reader they really needed to know how much time they had left and for women which childbirth might end their life. Fortunately priorities have changed and we can focus on other topics like how to live a deeply satisfying life!

2. I’ve never had a palm reading – will you tell me things I don’t want to hear?

When you open your hands to have them read you might feel a little vulnerable wondering what will be revealed, but there is nothing to fear. I am always respectful of where a client is in their self-discovery journey. The information uncovered in your reading is there to help you understand yourself better. Most people report feeling a sense of relief and validation after their readings as well as hope and invigoration for their future.

3. What are the benefits of having a hand reading?

After having your hands read you will have a deeper understanding of your greatest strengths and challenges. You will know yourself in a new way – why you have repeated certain behaviors your whole life and what you can do to maximize your gifts. For almost every obstacle life presents there is a skill that can overcome it. Your Hand Analysis session will also include the skills needed to deal with your specific obstacles. You will walk away with tangible things you can do to improve your life right now.

4. What if I am already living my Purpose how can Hand Analysis help me?

I believe as long as you are still breathing there is something else to be learned and a greater height to be reached. Perhaps your greatest challenge is sustaining an intimate relationship? Or having satisfying interactions with your family? One client I worked with was very successful, making tons of money, and battled with self-esteem issues none-the-less. Hand Analysis helped him separate his self-esteem from how much money he makes or doesn’t make – in other words whether he is rich or loses all his money he is still a valuable person. Hand Analysis is a profound tool for self-awakening and growth whatever level of success you may have achieved.

5. Which hand do you read the right or the left?

To get a complete picture of who you are both hands need to be analyzed. The right hand shows how you interact with the outer world while the left land reveals your interaction with your intimate world. Work life vs. Home life is another way to look at it and your hands could be completely different so to just analyze one of them would be missing a huge part of the picture.

6. Do hands change?

Yes and no. The lines in the palm can and do change, sometimes on a daily basis, depending on the type of hands you have and what is going on in your life at the moment. I have also seen fingers start to bend and bent fingers straighten out over time. The only components in your hands that don’t change are your fingerprints. They stop forming at about 16 weeks in the womb and are set for life.

7. Can I get a palm reading if I don’t live in the Los Angeles area?

Yes you can! Once you schedule a reading a printing kit will be mailed to you with simple instructions on how to make a print of your hands. After everything is mailed back we set up a phone session that records your reading while in progress. I will then email you an MP3 of your Hand Analysis session.

8. Are you Psychic?

No I am not psychic. I cannot tell you future events. There is a degree of intuitive sensitivity required to be a good reader and by that I mean that I am sensitive to the emotional state my clients are in and the best way to communicate with them based on that state.

9. Can I learn to read hands?

Absolutely! One of the reasons I was initially drawn to Hand Analysis was that you didn’t have to be psychic or descendant from a long line of mystical healer type people to be a good Hand Analyst. I teach Hand Analysis in the Los Angeles area and will be developing online classes soon so if you are interested in learning please drop me a line!

10. Do you have a disclaimer?

Yep, sure do. You can read that here.

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