Hand analysis

Your hands hold vast amounts of information about who you really are and what to do about it. Explore the hand below and open your mind to the different marks and energies that could be at play in your life.

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The Map of Who You Are is In Your Hands

Hand Analysis is the science of reading the lines in your palm and your fingerprints to decode your unique Purpose in Life and Lesson to learn. This is NOT fortune telling. Hand Analysis can’t tell you how long you will live or how many children you will have.
Getting your hands read will reveal your gift to give humanity and what needs to be learned in order to best give that gift.

How does Hand Analysis work?

We tend to think the same thoughts over and over throughout our lifetime. Whether the thoughts are positive or negative we repeat ourselves. The pathways in our brain that carry these thoughts become very strong or deeply worn groves through our mind. The palm is a map of those pathways. Or the more fancy way to say it:

Your palm is the topographical map of the neurological pathways your brain takes most often.

So whatever you think day after day becomes etched in the palm. Because our thinking can change the lines in the palm can change.

Take a look at your palm for a moment.

Can you see how some of the lines are deeper than others?

The deepest lines in your hand are usually the Life Line, Heart Line, and Head Line.

The Life Line tells the story of you how process body information, for example: Do you know when you are too tired and need to rest?

The Heart Line reveals your need in relationships and how you would express that need or not i.e. the stoic husband who just needs a little time alone after work but can’t ask for it.

The Head Line shows how you process information mentally; are you a linear and logical thinker or are you a more creative subjective thinker?

All of the other lines in the palm add to your Personality Story with special gifts and challenges.

What about the Fingerprints?

Fingerprints are formed from 14 to 16 weeks in the womb and never change your entire life! They are the keys to knowing your Purpose in Life and the Lessons you are here to learn as well as the Foundation that supports it all. Fingerprints tell your Soul Story.

What is My Purpose?

Your highest developed skill.

The thing you were born to do.

The work that brings soul satisfaction at its deepest level.

What is My Lesson?

Your least developed skill.

The thing you are here to learn.

The challenge that will help you achieve your Purpose.

What is my Foundation?

The set of skills that when learned and practiced support your life and allow it to flow.

Most people are very excited to learn what their Purpose is, and rightfully so, but it is just as important to understand your Lesson and Foundation.

When we practice the skills our Foundation requires we foster soul growth and are able to respond to our challenges, or Lessons, appropriately.

Through Lesson experiences we gather the wisdom and strength to fully realize our Purpose.

In other words when we begin to recognize the “mistakes” we make over and over and respond to them differently more Purpose shows up in your life. Getting your hands analyzed will give you the tools to manage your “mistakes” and the insight to realize your Purpose!

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