Hey, I know stuff.

What? Who is this in my inbox?!

I know, I know. How dare I not write for over two years! (I am saying this to myself.)

I don’t have an answer that sounds good to me so, I will not offer a subpar excuse to you – dear ones.

I stopped.

And now, I might start again. (No promises. I am saying this to myself.)

The brief update on my life, in no particular order:

  • I fell out of a tree 2 1/2 years ago and broke both wrists. Super fun times, as you might imagine. Now my left wrist, commonly known as “Lefty” in my house, feels 100% great! My right wrist, known as….”Righty”, is about 95% great. She still hurts sometimes if I do things like pick up one of my cats in a weird way, but perhaps that is karmic payback for picking up one of my cats in a weird way. Cats are connected.
  • I created a bunch of cool projects for kids. You can check them out here: thegreatbigadventure.com and happychickentheater.com
  • My man and I started the process of adopting a child. It is still VERY early in the journey of bringing a baby into our lives but… I have a sweet, delicate place I have been tending in my heart that is really really really ready to be filled with baby love.

So, we have no answer as to why I stopped writing but why, today, did I start again?

Because I have a cold.

I canceled my morning work which included a puppet show.

Mini continued update on my life:

  • I now do puppet shows.

To avoid doing necessary work on my many projects I started cleaning out my inbox. Then I found some of my old blog posts. I read them. I inspired myself.

I know, right?! So egotistical.

This happens to me all the time when I am reading someone’s hands. I say something like:

“Based on this mound of the hand – the less you work and take time to deeply nourish yourself, the more money you will make.”

And, while the words are spilling out of my mouth the “higher self always watching” part of my brain says:

“Dammit. How did I forget that this concept applies to me too?!”

Platitude time:

We teach best what we most need to learn.

When the student is ready the teacher appears… (sometimes the teacher is our own damn self.)

If I examine happenings/ideas/flowers and write about them, I am connecting to an inner well of knowingness. A well I forget to visit.

FYI, we all have this well.

I have been working working working, grasping for money, not truly resting and I got sick.

I forgot, that if I go sit in a tree (without falling out) on a regular basis, money will flow to me. It’s weird, but true.

We all know what we need to do to heal our lives, we just forget to remember. 

In closing, it feels good to procrastinate working on my art by doing other art. Maybe I’ll do more of it.

Remember, dear ones –

Cats are connected.

And, so are you.

Sweet Pea La Rue