Mini Fingerprint Reading

This is a great option for people who want to slowly “dip their fingers” into the Hand Analysis water.

In this reading I reveal your:

  • Purpose
  • Lesson
  • Foundation

Once you download the easy instructions Learn How To Take Your Fingerprints, either scan them (with a high quality scanner) and email them to me or, the good old-fashioned way, mail them. Upon receipt of your prints and payment I will send you a short email revealing your Purpose, Lesson and Foundation.
US – $18.00

Full Fingerprint Reading

Perhaps you would like a more in depth look into what your fingerprints have to offer. If so this is the reading for you.

In this reading I reveal your:

  • Purpose
  • Lesson
  • Foundation
  • How these components work together in your life

Click here to download instructions on How to Take Your Fingerprints – Once you have your prints you can either scan them (with a high quality scanner) and email them to me or, the good old-fashioned way, mail them. When I receive them we will set up a time to have a 30-minute phone or Skype conversation where you can ask questions as I explain how your unique Purpose, Lesson and Foundation impact your life. I will record the session and email you an audio copy afterward.
30 minutes – US $58.00

Complete Hand Analysis Session

If you are ready to dive in and fully understand the gifts and potential challenges you might have this is the reading to get!

In this reading I reveal your:

  • Purpose
  • Lesson
  • Foundation
  • Communication style
  • Thinking style
  • Relationship needs
  • Specific talents and obstacles that only the palm can reveal
  • Practical tools to help you grow with this information

If you are in the Los Angeles area we will schedule a 90-minute session (30 minutes to print your hands and take notes and 60 minutes for the reading). An audio recording of the session will be emailed to you afterward.
90 minutes – US $175.00

If you don’t live close enough for an in-person reading that is no problem. I will send you a printing kit, with easy to follow instructions, and once I receive the kit and your handprints we will schedule a 60 minute phone session.
60 minutes – US $175.00
(The cost of a long distance reading is the same as an in person reading as I still spend 30 minutes taking notes on your prints before the reading begins)

Follow up Hand Analysis Session

Just like life changes your hands can change too. I often see clients more than once either to go deeper into an aspect of their hands that needs more exploration or to work on applying some of the tools I have given them to an actual life situation they are experiencing. Or some people are just curious to see if anything has changed in their palms!
60 minutes – US $100.00

Couples Hand Analysis Session

Discover the similarities and differences between you and your mate, friend, parent, child or sibling based on your hands.

You’ll both learn:

  • How to communicate with each other more effectively
  • To recognize ways you or your mate may be expressing love
  • What each other’s non-negotiable needs are

Plus I will give you tools to address challenges with your partner.

Includes an audio recording of the session that will be emailed afterward.
120 minutes – US $225.00

Hand Analysis Presentation Evenings

Invite 10 to 12 of your friends for an evening of Hand Analysis.

Beginning with a 30-minute introduction about the fascinating science of Hand Analysis and followed by a short hand reading for each person in the group this is an evening not soon forgotten!

The short hand readings (about 10 minutes each) are done in a group setting, creating an atmosphere of awareness, support and fun. Everyone benefits from hearing all of the readings, in addition to his or her own, and you will leave with a better understanding of yourself and your friends. The host also receives a complete hand analysis session as a gift!
3 hours – US $25.00 per person, 10-12 people

Hand Analysis Parties

If you are throwing a big party and would like to add a really cool element hire me to read hands!

In 5 minutes I can tell a guest a lot about themselves in an upbeat and fun way. The readings are a great conversation starter and people never forget what I say. I’ve been contacted years after someone had a short reading at a party and they wanted to know more!
Contact me for details.

A Charitable Donation

Guess what? 10% of all monies received goes to charity! I would love for you to tell me which of these three awesome organizations you would like to support. Just make a note of which one you choose when you are sending payment and I will take care of the rest!

Young Storytellers

In honor of my father who was a Writer dressed in Lawyer clothes. I have volunteered for this group and it is amazing what a kid can write with a little guidance and undivided attention.

Women for Women

My mother loved this organization and in her honor I support women all over the world.

Cat House on the Kings

The lady who runs this place is a kick in the pants. She takes care of over 700 cats including one of my mother’s cats I couldn’t find a home for. Thank God for people who care!