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Because it takes hearing something 1,000 times before we really “get it”.

When you were learning to read you didn’t master it the first time you heard the A, B, C’s. It took years of repetition before all the pieces came together and you became fluent with this new skill.

Soul growth is the same way. Our egos are REALLY good at keeping us right where we are and discouraging expansion. We humans usually need to see, hear and feel things many times before we make a shift.

Everything I create here at The Eloquent Soul is centered on Knowing Yourself, Stretching Your Soul and Claiming Delight.

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I realize you probably have a lot of information coming into your email inbox everyday but my guess is that most of it is not enriching your soul.

I encourage you to challenge your status quo. Invite some new perspective into your life.

Subscribe to this site and let’s start expanding our Eloquent Souls together!

Promising you Inspiration, Clarity and Laughter ~

Meredyth Hunt

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